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I've almost ended day 2 of my water fast.
I don't really have a plan for how long it's gonna be, until my will breaks I guess XD

You can tell this is taking it's toll now :P
My heart is beating so fast
I have to breathe deeply through my mouth
The room spins when I stand up
My body is shaking uncontrollably
I keep feeling faint
my sight keeps turning grey/brown when ever I stand up
I feel cold even when wrapped in a duvet

And you know whats the weird thing? I been 6 days before with none of this trouble at all!!!

Doesn't make sense.
Bye xxxxx

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Wow, it's boxing day.
Yesterday was christmas, it was okay I guess. Got some nice clothes that I'd picked out and some games. I like the new skinny jeans I got, there size 8 which is huge!!! But they look alright on me.

It's odd though, I have another pair of jeans I got and they say size 8 but they dont fit, I have to really jam myself in them and I cant even get the zip up afterwards! XD

Either I'm way too fat, or the labels wrong.
I'm gonna go with the first one.

Whatever, you can be the judge.

Oh god, I'm huge D:
I hate seeing it blown up like that, makes me look even worse.
Here's another of me cause I like it for some reason, even though makes me look like I have a huge nose :)

I actually took it by accident even though it looks like I've stood there and posed, I've never noticed too; I have a scar on my right cheek in this? I feel like being really short with my post today, even though I know I haven't posted in ages!!!
I found this image today in this huge extreme thinspo post on "Realthin".

That, my friends is beauty!
She could have a fish head, massive 60lbs arms with 32 NN breats and she'd still be beautiful because of her legs!!!

Wish so much I could be like that one day, but I'll never be because of my bone frame :(

Goodnight x

P.S - I'm staying up all night so I can be clean and washed and happy for tommorow cause were having a big gaming night with all ourt friends from college! So happy, but scared...